Denise Evans, Clinical Counsellor

Counselling Support for Individuals,
Couples and Families

At Sea to Sky Counselling people explore and examine themselves and their lives to resolve their problems and realise their dreams in a safe, supportive, non-judgemental, private environment.

Change occurs through the development of a therapeutic relationship between the clients and their counsellor. The clients feel heard and understood. They feel safe to explore their past and current problems and release the pain that they are experiencing.  The psychotherapist uses her education and skill to help them look at their lives and contexts in new ways so that they can imagine and realise a future that they truly want. The clients are able to form goals and make plans to meet those goals. They are also able to develop a respectful, compassionate relationship with themselves, their partners and families.

The Values of Sea to Sky Counselling:

Compassion—the empathic connection with oneself and others that enables one to feel loving kindness to self and others

Acceptance—seeing what is occurring clearly and staying present with it so that one can respond in a loving way that respects both self and others

Forgiveness—letting go of anger around specific events, situations or people so that one can move forward in a healthier, gentler way.

Connection—respecting that one needs to understand oneself and ones emotional reality to maintain healthy connections and boundaries with others. 

Privacy—the protection of client privacy is of utmost importance. This means that information about clients is not released without permission to the  limits of the laws governing confidentiality. Also because we live in small community and may encounter each other, know that the counsellor will not approach you in public.

“The future depends upon what we do in the present.”
 Mahatma Ghandi

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