Denise Evans, Clinical Counsellor

Full and half day workshops are offered on a variety of topics. They can be run at varied geographic locations. They offer information and opportunities to practise the various skills. They also include an opportunity for participants to follow up with the facilitator after the workshops to help with implementing the skills in the work or home environment.

Full day: $1200

Half day: $600

Topics include:

Conflict Resolution
 / Team Building

This would be appropriate for both large and small organisations who want to enhance their employee’s and/or managers’ skills. They could be a two day format with the first devoted to learning and practising the skills of conflict resolution; the second to building on those skills to build more cohesive, efficient and productive teams. These workshops can also be offered separately.



Stress management and self care

This would be appropriate for a wide range of organisations. People would learn specific techniques of self care and which will enable them to manage stress. They would also learn how to support their colleagues which would lead to building more cohesive and productive teams.


Parenting mindfully

This would be appropriate for any group of parents, including those organised through their PACs. This goes beyond parenting workshops that teach behavioural management as it focuses upon changing awareness and shifting ones attitude towards ones children and their problems. The focus is upon the moment to moment awareness and acceptance of what is actually happening rather than ones expectations. It is based upon both mindfulness skills and developmental psychology.





Living Mindfully

This focuses on teaching people to shift their awareness and attention into the present moment through the practise of mindfulness meditation and mindfulness skills. It also looks at incorporating mindfulness meditation and problem solving circles into the collective environment to enhance either team building in the corporate environment or  classroom dynamics in the schools.


Bereavement and Grief

This discusses different ways of thinking about or experiencing bereavement and grief . The process differs depending upon the situation of the loss, the relationship to the one who has died, the developmental stage of the person grieving, the person’s individual grieving style and many other individual circumstances.



The experience of being bullied is heartbreaking for the individual and often impacts them throughout their lives. This workshop will look at different aspects and contexts for bullying and how the experience and ability to cope shift according to age of the bullied person and the support for bullying offered by the particular system. The participants will be able to brainstorm and practise different coping skills, will review their personal responsibility in the situation and will discuss how to advocate to change the system.

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