Denise Evans, Clinical Counsellor

Counselling is for:

  • people who want to have healthy, supportive, loving and respectful relationships
  • people who want to achieve contentment and cease to feel emotional pain
  • people who want to manage stress or conflict in their lives with skill and perceptiveness
  • people who want to parent effectively so that their children feel safe and can launch into their own lives with onfidence
  • people who have unfulfilled life goals, or need to clarify those goals so as to pursue them

Problems that people may be addressing could include:

  • addiction issues
  • trauma resolution or post traumatic stress
  • bereavement and grief
  • emotional awareness or body work
  • anger management
  • stress management
  • self care
  • learning about boundaries and how to maintain them
  • conflict resolution
  • self awareness and self actualisation
  • managing resentment that is damaging their relationships
  • difficulties in communication including both listening and speaking
  • struggling with issues around sex or money
  • family culture differences or clashing value systems
  • parenting problems
  • separation or divorce
  • wellness, and general life style issues
  • vocational direction, life coaching

Sessions are usually 1 hour or 1 1/1 hours per week. However, if appropriate and at the client’s request, the sessions can scheduled for every 2 weeks.
The cost is $90.00/hour.

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