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April 2010 : Sea to Sky Counselling Centre

Posted by Administrator on May 16 2010

I officially launched my full time private practise at my home office in February. I am currently seeing individuals, couples and families for a variety of issues. Everyone is enjoying the in home office and the inclusion of the dog and cats weaving through the rooms. Sam especially seems to sense when someone needs a little canine comforting, snuggling up or laying her head on a knee. She is snoring beside me as I write, while the cats are curled up on my desk and at my feet.

I am currently developing the curriculum for a week-end meditation retreat, called ‘Living Mindfully’. It includes practising different types of meditation, incorporating mindfulness practise, but also guided imagery, insight meditation, the body scan and even progressive muscular relaxation and yoga. We will also practise eating and exercising mindfully; imaging our future through the creation of a collage; and each person will have the opportunity to develop their own “safe place” meditation. Although I have taught meditation in session for years and have incorporated all of these techniques into my counselling and practise, it will be the first opportunity to guide a small group through a time intensive practise. The goal is that people will incorporate some of what they practised into their daily schedule. They will all have the opportunity to touch base with me via telephone or email for further coaching to help them make that transition. 

I have also founded a non-profit, Squamish Counselling Services with my colleague, Dee Beveridge and a wonderful board of directors. The mandate will be to offer professional counselling services to the people of Squamish on a sliding scale. We realise how much this service is needed in Squamish and are currently seeking funding so that we can start to see clients. As soon as we have the financing that will ensure continued services, we will begin. 

Dee and I are also developing workshops and groups that we will offer the community through Squamish Counselling Services. We have developed a conflict resolution and/or
team building workshop that will be offered as a thank-you to our funders and which can be offered to other businesses for a fee. Details of the workshops are on the website.

I have written 5 articles for the Squamish Chief which can also be accessed through their website. The next article will be published in the Healthy Living Section of the Chief on May14. I am also studying and reading and will be adding resources and links to the website on a regular basis. Check the “journal” for the most recent posts.

Remember, “All is well; all will be well; every manner of thing will be well.”  Julian of Norwich.

Denise Evans
Clinical Counsellor


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