Denise Evans, Clinical Counsellor

 I first met Denise when i decided to get sober and go into a recovery house in Squamish. I had not much experience with counseling and felt very scared to discuss my problems. She was always happy to see me and really made me feel accepted. She helped a lot and made me see different situations in a different light. After finishing the recovery house i continued to see Denise on a weekly basis. I had many struggles to deal with, now being out in the real world and knowing i had someone to talk too really made a difference in my life. Unfortunately i decided to move away from Squamish and stopped seeing Denise. I would send her the odd email and she always replied with help to continue my sobriety. I would strongly suggest to welcome Denise in your life regarding counseling.
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Denise is an excellent counsellor.  She is very knowledgeable about the process of healing from substance abuse as well as other life crises.  Denise listens, supports and validates her counselling clients as well as provides constructive feedback.  If healing and personal growth are your goals, I recommend Denise as a counsellor.  Chris McKay, MSW, RSW Addictions Counsellor - Concurrent Disorders

Hello my name is Amanda.
 â€¨I'm honoured to share my experience, working with Denise.
 â€¨I meet Denise in 2007 in Squamish she was my addictions counsellor.

Denise is very professional yet Believes in her work first hand.
 â€¨When I first meet her she made it all about me in our sessions.
Denise was there for me in my most difficult time I had recently relapsed and was struggling to leave a abusive yet addictive relationship.
 â€¨She literally helped build me up again.
She believed in me I will always be grateful for that.
Denise never allowed Judgement, just ACCEPTANCE and forgiveness. 
She taught me that even though it can seem small every baby step decision affects our future. Our outcome we I You have a  choice!
 â€¨D suggested I get involved in the community, give back.
 I did. I volunteered through out community and I also belonged to St.Jonh's congregation.
 â€¨As we learned a little about each other it turned out she knew my pastor Michel Stuchberry. 
I felt every truly every session we connected.
 â€¨I know Denise is genuine bright soul that BELIEVES in her work. 
It's her tools that keep my spirits up !
 â€¨Today we keep contact and I will continue to have a life long friendship.


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